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Have you ever had lipstick on your teeth, and no one, not even your friends or co-workers told you?  Do you have braces and need to check your smile often? Are you on the go and need to check your look fast, without having to dig through a purse or look for your cell phone for a selfie check?

I'm Lee Lucas the designer of The Looksy bracelet. One night, I needed a mirror fast. It was about 2 minutes before I was about to go on stage with my band. I needed a lipstick/smile check and I was trapped just off stage. No purse. No mirror. No time for a quick selfie check with my phone. I thought to myself " I wish I could just check my look with a flip of the wrist". And the idea for a stylish, discreet, fun ,mirror bracelet that you wear, eventually to be named The Looksy bracelet, was born. Right there out of necessity.  I knew if I needed it, other people did too. It's perfect for girls and ladies of all ages. Men love it too!  It is the perfect way to check your look on the go. In class, on a date, at lunch, at work, at the gym, at an audition, while traveling, at the beach, wherever you need a quick smile check....just flip your wrist.   

Genuine Leather. Handcrafted. Nickel Plated. Made in Los Angeles, CA USA